ScienceKNOW International Conferences

Our Company has fifteen years of experience and knowledge. Along this period, we have won a reputation as a conference organizer. We are a multi-disciplinary company that combines global expertise with personal, local know-how.

Our team is composed for a very active part of the previous ScienceKNOW Conferences, which had a great experience and prestige in the organization of international scientific events.

The main goal of ScienceKNOW International Conferences is building sustainable relationships and consistently delivering innovative, reliable and high-end solutions. The cornerstone of our work is creating an excellent relationship with our clients. In these challenging days we confirm our belief and passion for face-to-face events.

Our staff members come from various backgrounds, including experienced conference organizers, scientists, researchers and academics. This is one of our main assets when we welcome delegates coming from all over the world.

Assistant Advisor

R. S. Sánchez

Assistant Secretary

J. M. Rodríguez

International Conferences 2021

4th International Conference on Education, Innovation and Learning Technologies (ICEILT-4)

20-23 April 2021

Virtual, Online